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Hi! I'm Carolyn, runner, advocate, mother.

Carolyn Su is the creator of the Instagram account @DiverseWeRun where she writes weekly features to amplify Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) runners and advocate for racial representation, equity, and inclusion in the running community. Her activism in running came from her own love of the sport, and from her own personal experience as a daughter of Chinese-immigrant parents. Carolyn grew up outside of Houston, straddling the expectations of two different cultures, while navigating the socio-racial impact of the Model Minority Myth. She now lives in the greater Boston area, where she continues her advocacy through social media, active participation within her church, activism in her children’s school, and collaboration with local running brands, BIPOC-led running groups and individuals. Her ultimate mission is to equip and empower others to show up fully as themselves, in all aspects of life.

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